We specialise in shaped rigid tubes for hydraulic systems

Tecno TMG has been operating in the tube and pipe bending and shaping sector since 1981. We work with numerically controlled machines, and ensure maximum professionalism, quality and on-time delivery.

Our team have extensive experience in the field of tubes for hydraulic systems. We attach great importance to customer needs, flexibility, teamwork, professionalism, expertise and technology.

The quality of our service

Our goal is to meet the needs of customers: this is why all Tecno TMG products are made according to the highest Quality standards. We achieve and confirm our goals through the ongoing and systematic control, attention and improvement of our system.

The UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification attests to the Quality of our company.


Our services

Cutting and bending

Single, double and variable radius CNC cutting and bending from ⌀ 4 to ⌀ 63

Edging, tapering and flaring

Internal and external edging, tapering and flaring of pipe fittings with JIC, DIN, ORFS, connections, etc.


CNC turning up to ⌀ 250 and ancillary metalwork on machining centres.


Certified oxy welding and MIG-MAG wire welding for pipes with commercial or custom-made fittings, special flanges, made from forged plates, bars, etc.


Washing, cleaning and various treatments such as painting, galvanising, cataphoresis, enamelling and chrome plating.


Three-dimensional control of parts.

Packing and shipping

Capping and packing as per customer specifications, delivery with our own vehicles.


At Tecno TMG, the customer is always the top priority: this innovation, flexibility and efficiency are the cornerstones of our daily operations.

Just in time

In order to reduce costs associated with stockpiling, we organise our production process in such a way that the tubes ordered by the customer are delivered precisely at the time they are requested.


If requested by the customer, we handle deliveries using a Kanban system. This can be done either through physical cards to keep track of progress, and delivery to pre-established boxes or by using an online Kanban management system that provides updates in real time.



In 2021, we replaced the entire traditional lighting system in both the indoor and outside areas of our factory, and installed new LED light fixtures.
This important change has brought us several benefits, including:

  • savings in energy and money with a 50% reduction in consumption;
  • enhancing the amount and quality of light, leading to more comfortable working conditions for our staff;
  • generating bright light with reduced heat dispersion and lower CO2 emissions;
  • cutting down on maintenance costs.