We produce rigid and flexible pipes in various shapes, mainly for use in hydraulic systems, with seamless pipes for circuits and welded pipes up to a diameter of 63, joined or brazed. We also offer a wide range of flanges and fittings, complete with surface treatment.


Oxyhydrogen braze welding with hydrogen and oxygen gas generators

We employ Piel generators that utilise water electrolysis to generate on-site hydrogen and oxygen with zero emissions. This eliminates the need for using and storing compressed gas cylinders (acetylene, propane, etc.).

This process produces zero-carbon energy since the combustion of hydrogen with oxygen doesn’t create any by-products. As a result, there is no smoke pollution, and our operators do not need to wear cumbersome breathing masks or install large purifying systems.

Our processes

Processo di lavorazione


We have obtained the ISO 9001:2015 Certification for our machining processes.

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